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The Keys to Becoming a Better Online Poker Player

Becoming a better online poker player does not take years to master, you could be playing better today if you know where to focus your efforts. Even one little mistake can be costing you a large portion of your player bankroll, so start to tighten up your game today and you will begin to plug those holes in your boat that are causing you and your bankroll to sink time and time again.

There is no way that flashing your hole cards are going to set a player on tilt when playing judi online because they will not have time to think about it. The action moves so fast and there are so many hands dealt each hour, that this is an ineffective strategy online. Stop flashing your hole cards because you are just giving away free information to the rest of the table.

Forget about slow-playing your hands when playing online. On some tables, you may have less than 10 seconds to make your decision. If you are slow-playing and time expires, those pair of aces just got tossed in the muck and you made nothing.

Turn off the chat feature at the tables, it is nothing but a distraction when you need to be focused on every play during your time at the poker tables.

Stop getting distracted each hand by eliminating things taking away your focus. Turn off the television, stop texting, log off Facebook, and tell your friends you will have to call them later. You wan to watch for any patterns in players decisions so you can exploit them down the road.

Work on one of these issues at a time, and you are going to slop leaking all those chips each gambling session and start filling up your pockets with all those winnings instead.

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