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Spotting a Weak Poker Player Online

In order to begin the process of growing your chips playing poker online, it is important that you focus your efforts of crushing weak players any chance you can. This is just part of the game, everyone who started has made their share of mistakes, but they learned and got better. Now that you are getting better, you have to jump on an opportunity when it presents itself.


Here are the best ways to spot the weaker players to target at the online poker sites.

The weak players all seem to have one thing in common, they love chatting about their hands. Look at the online chat feature for the room and you will find that they are chatting about poor starting hands, bad beats, and being bullied for the blinds. They are basically giving you a map on how you can beat them down the road, so takes notes and pay close attention because you can really score when they tell you what they are doing on a regular basis.


The players who are just now getting used to playing poker online all tend to bet in patterns. Just sit back and watch for a while, and you will see the same player folds his bets to raises before the flop, they check to an ace of the board, and they never call if a draw gets there on the river. When you spot this tell, this is your chance to just wait for the same chance and then push them off the pot and scoop all that money for yourself.


The weaker players love to show you their hole cards when they pulled off what they think is the bluff of the century. Use that information to slowly start separating them from their chips from here out and they will be broke before they realize what happened.


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